The company: specialist in vacuum handling for 25 years

ventouse-manutention-par-aspiration-manupac-01MANUPAC has devised and developed a suction lifting system solving most HANDLING problems wich are widely considered as a cause of industrial injuries. The repeated manual lifting of heavy and bulky loads or even of lightweight loads is tiring and thus increases the risk of serious injuries.

  • MANUPAC system improves productivity while saving efforts.
  • MANUPAC depreciation is immediate since its price is reasonable.
  • MANUPAC is Simple, Reliable, and Easy to use.
  • MANUPAC can lift a wide range of products such as bags, cardboxes,casks, wood panels, sheet metals, glazings of any size and shape, up to 300 kg.

We are therefore convinced that we boast the appropriate products, staff and experience to find out a solution to any of your handling problems.

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